A short deviation

For the moment, I am having a short deviation from focusing on the research behind Talent Management in schools.  The purpose of this is to examine the research methodology that will be used to examine talent management in the Queensland schooling context.  Initial reading focuses of Creswell and his works in regards to Educational Research.  By reading further afield, I can confirm that a mixed methods approach or as Clarke & Visser (2019) define it as a pragmatic methodological approach, will be the proposed approach to this research.  It is intended that the research will consist first of a quantitative data collection to assist in determining the participants, using maximal sampling.  Due consideration will be given to participants who have engaged in formal preparation programs, have additional qualifications, work shadow experience, previous leadership roles. It will also assist in identifying participants who have had experience with talent management systems to unpack participant motivation for principalship.  Finally this data collection process will be used to build a chronology of work/employment history.  Once this data has been used to define the participants through maximal sampling, a quantitative approach will be utilised to understand the experiences of aspirants or existing principals with talent management systems.


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