Continuing to rework and refine my research project

The largest challenge I am finding in my research, is clarifying what I am examining.  The more I read, the more my perceptions change and the more I need to consider.  So…after more reading and lots of conversations, I present an iteration of my research project.  I know this won’t be the last, nor is the question right, but it is getting closer.

Is talent management the response required to address the growing school leadership crisis in the Queensland Schooling context?

This study will examine the challenges of a talent management system in Queensland schools, by taking into consideration culture, legislation, policy, practices, values and role of participants and facilitators of talent management. It will more specifically look at how existing principals can navigate this minefield of factors, to effectively talent manage teachers from early in their career to build greater aspiration for the role of school principal. It will further explore how aspirants in Queensland can be trained to continue, what Early & Jones (2011) define as the “regular flow” of potential leaders.  Based on the work of Asplund (2019), Myung, Loeb & Horng (2011), Schiemann (2014), Turner (1960) and Vaimann & Collins (2013), I will define talent management in this research project as a balanced approach to inclusive and targeted practices that are used to identify (recruit and recommend) and develop potential leaders early in their career from within education. ACER’s Staff in Australia’s School 2013: Main Report of the Survey defines early career teachers as being within their first five years of teaching.



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