Needs of leaders and their preparation program.

Notman & Henry (2011) identified seven leadership capacities of school leaders; management, communication, consultation, knowing when to lead, decision making, critical reflection and inter- personal connectedness with members of the school community.   Further, Salfi (2011) contributes that school leaders develop colleagues to lead.  These skills or capacities are further reinforced across the literature (Walker and Carr-Stewart, 2006) and in international research such as the ISPP.  To ensure the development of these skills in aspiring and newly appointed principals, Ng and Sing-ying(2016) summarise the findings from international research and compared these to the expectations of  Newly appointed principals in principal preparation programs (below).  This is a key consideration for principals when identifying, recommending and supporting potential aspirants.  These considerations must be viewed in addition with system leadership standards such as the AITSL Professional Standards for Principals and Leadership Profiles.


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