Active participation – further thoughts

Myung, Loeb and Horng (2011), identify that a major influence in identification for potential leadership is the active participation of teachers in school-level leadership.  They identify that principals are more likely to “tap” teachers for principalship or encourage interest in leadership in those who are active participants in their schools.  This process of “tapping” is defined as sponsored mobility (Turner, 1960).  Myung, Loeb and Horng (2011), also ask the question as to whether there are other ways that teachers can indicate that they are suitable for school leadership without taking on school-level leadership positions.   While school leadership attributes are more than taking on school-level leadership positions, do schools really want leaders that are not prepared to work over above the minimum of their role description? Or are we just creating a further issue around workload expectations, by expecting more from our teachers if they want to be identified for school leadership and having them think that if this is what I have to do as a teacher, I have to do a lot more as principal?

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